Using the space you’ve got (Part 2)

The Inner Gardener

In the inner city areas, and many other places, the space set aside for the domestic gardens is continually shrinking. Despite this lack of space and the tendency for denser living and a smaller average personal space compared to 20  years ago, human beings will always have the urge to nurture and grow. Even one or two plants in the tiniest of spaces can provide aesthetic and psychological benefits.

In many other countries the phenomenon of tight urban living has been occurring for a very long time. Perhaps we can learn from examples of overseas gardening in restricted spaces.

With apartment living being the most common form of accomodation in many cities and towns, the balcony, or if you are lucky enough a rooftop often becomes the only outdoor spot to enjoy the day and to grow a garden. There are lots of clever ways to achieve this.

Simpler but…

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Kath's Kitchen Sync

As summer heats up, I’ve fallen behind on my food blogging; so I thought I would share with you why… the garden. Bryan, the kids, the dog, and I occupy a small, but what I like to think of as quaint, home on a postage stamp sized lot in a suburban community of Detroit Michigan which I often refer to as “Mayberry.” We’ve worked hard to try to transform what was once a somewhat barren (other than being ridden with lemon balm and mint) yard. When I moved to the house (pre-Bryan), the back porch was enclosed with aluminum walls and outdated windows. The floor was painted an obnoxious bright blue (they missed the mark if they were going for the U. of M. look). At first I thought it would be a good game room for the kids and me, but as summer approached, it occurred to me that…

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mecc interiors | design bites

Wood floors are much loved by many.  For those who like to be unique, they often try to search for exotics.  However, if your preference is to source locally, exotics definitely do not fit the bill.  Is there a compromise?


Jamie Beckwith offers a stunning array of unique wood flooring – the Jamie Beckwith Collection®.  The collection has offerings for both floor and vertical surfaces that are durable enough to be used in commercial and corporate environments, as well as residential ones.

The flooring is manufactured in Nashville, TN and all wood used in sourced from neighbouring states.  All collections offer both FSC-certified and reclaimed options.

The Enigma collection offers fourteen (14) patterns in three (3) wood species, four (4) colour finishes, and two (2) gloss options.  The stains are water-based.  All patterns are CNC-cut and use engineered hardwood.

The Mosaic collection features the beauty of end…

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mecc interiors | design bites

Another fantastic summer Friday leading into a long weekend that promises more spectacular weather!  Perhaps one or more of these pieces will inspire some wonderful thoughts or designs.

Victor Aleman‘s Loopita is sleek and polished looking.  It references youth and may bring back memories of roller coaster rides or Hot Wheels daredevil driving tactics.  It also elicits thoughts of fellowship and sharing.  Rumour has it you can join multiple loops to create a larger party atmosphere, if desired.

At first glance (when no one is on it, the Blandito® looks a little like a giant dog bed.  Designed by Oradaria Design, it transforms for various forms of relaxation.

Speaking of dog beds, the Feel Seating System Deluxe (FSSD) reminds me of one.  It is made of one hundred twenty (120) “soft and extremely pleasant” 8″ foam balls.  When laid flat, the FSSD is like a large bed…

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the coxswain dilemma

Here’s the “hard” core workout I’m planning to atempt today, that I mentioned in my Fitness of the Week post yesterday…

The idea is to complete each exercise with perfect form for one set each.  Then, if your abs aren’t on fire, to go back through the circuit, completing as many as you can with good form.  If you can’t do as many as you did the first time, totally fine – the objective is good, strong completion, not half-assed.

I’ll let ya know how it goes!  Can’t wait to be unleashed from my office chair…

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